71.8 miles

Hands down my favorite day of the trip. Riding through the “wilds” north of New York and dodging cars and pedestrians through the Bronx and Manhattan.

Our last small leg into Brooklyn and a welcome shower:

69.7 miles

The day with the big hill.

Yesterday’s long day meant a slightly shorter ride today. The hill south of Hopewell Junction didn’t help any either. It could have been avoided by heading west, but it looked like an adventure on the map, and we were rewarded with a beautiful and crazy ride through largely car-free backroads through the leafy exurbs north of Carmel. We may have seen one or two expensive homes in this area;)

South of Carmel we found one of the best off-road bike trails of the whole trip. A beautiful, paved, smooth track largely in the woods (the Putnam Trailway and North County Trailway).

We’d entered the land of few camping options again and opted for another night in a hotel. This would mean a break from the growing heat and an early start for our final push — the day we hoped to reach the tip of Manhattan.

Date: Tuesday, July 15, 2014
Segment: Green Bay to JW Wells State Park, Michigan

Length: 85.9

Trip total: 232.2

Weather: Winds out of the north (headwind!). Chilly, low 60s, cloudy.

Not all road touring days are rosy — rode

from Green Bay north into the summer “polar vortex” wind. Roads overall were very nice, nice shoulder and little traffic.

I always love the surprises along the road (that’s why we travel, eh?). Despite having lived in Wisconsin for over 10 years, I’m ashamed to say that I had never heard of the Peshtigo Fire of 1871, the worst fire (in terms of human loss, over 1,500 died) in US history. We stopped to visit the museum, talk with the uber-dedicated volunteers who always work in places like this, and look through the cemetery.

Despite having fairly ambitious mileage targets each day, we’re finding out that it’s important to stop, give the behind and legs a rest, and have something else to reflect on for the day than being behind the handlebars. The fire museum fit the bill well.

Rocked it again for another great campsite on the shores of Lake Michigan at JW Wells State Park (in the UP in two day, yeah!). Michigan does a great job with their state parks, and ending our day again with a shower and a meal down the road.