Date: Monday, July 14, 2014
Segment: Lake Winnebago to Green Bay
Length: 57.1

Trip total: 146.3

Weather: sunny and mild, high 60s, perfect riding weather

Road up and over top of the “Ledge” (Niagara Escarpment!) northeast of Fond du Lac.

Great Wisconsin back roads (really, is there a better place for road biking?) and awesome view of dairies and the wind farm. Again, got on the Fox River rail-to-trail that really slowed us down at first (lost about 3-4 mph over roads). Advantage of rails-to-trails? They’re close to the as-the-crow-flies route. We tried back road alternatives, but they turned out to be too long.

Figuring (correctly) that our legs would be shot after the second day, we rolled the dice with Hotwire and got the Tundra Lodge just down the road from Lambeau Field. Beer and a hot tube helped with recovery. Of course, had to send this photo to the spouses to prove the depths of our suffering.


Important stop for any Wisconsin bike tour


Implementing recovery procedures


Best BBQ in Green Bay

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