Date: Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fort Atkinson to Columbia Park (on east shore of Lake Winnebago)


89.5 miles
Trip total: 89.5 miles

Today we hoped to start with a bit of a bang — hopefully not running into anything or hitting the pavement, but starting with a strong day to wake up ye’ old muscles.

Planning the trip, I tried to take as many dedicated bike routes as possible — sort of a geographic sample of the current state of biking routes across the Midwest. Today, we f

ound out that not all rails-to-trails paths are the same. I’ve complained about the state of the trails in our neighborhood before, but no longer — the DNR does a pretty good job. The surfaces can very a lot, and we found out that soft, muddy trails do not lead to efficient travel — especially with 25mm tires. We took the Wild Goose Trail its full length to Fond du Lac, and it wore us out. Thirty-five miles of soft trail that we could only do 12-13 mph on. It was pretty, but not a great way to cover ground fast. Take the back to roads. As we got close to Fond du Lac, I expected that the trail would

improve and we’d see more people (it was Sunday), but it didn’t change all that much. In Fond Du Lac, they have “The Loop” which was a great urban bike trail that included the lakeshore park — a must for anyone traveling through town.

After town, we headed around the eastern shore of Lake Winnebago to Columbia Park. Turned out to be an great place for our first night. Showers, power (for phones), and nice shady tent sites. AND…a supper club — Jim and Linda’s — right next door. Couple of beers, a great meal, and an easy stumble back to the camp site.


Wild Goose Trail


Columbia Park campsite

travel down 151, great camping place, great dinner at the supper club

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