Hmm…amazed how long it’s been since I’ve last made a post. Well, we’re back on the bikes again (along with James Hartwick from last year’s trip) on a more ambitious trip — 21 days from Wisconsin to New York City. We didn’t necessarily plan it this way, but after looking over our route, I realized that we’re closely following the full extent of the Niagara Escarpment from Wisconsin through the Great Lakes to eastern New York (and beyond). Looking over the profiles of each of our biking days, it’s pretty clear when we’re climbing or descenting the Escarpment. To James’ dismay, this meant quite a few hills to climb with fully loaded bikes but also meant seeing some incredible Midwestern terrain.


So, with this ambiguity in mind, we’ve christened our ride “Escape from/to(?) the Escarpment.” Here goes.

Maps of each of our days: RideWithGPS (on phone, so excuse if it doesn’t work well)

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