Total miles: 27.8 miles

Well, sometimes those weather forecasters are right. They were calling for rain, and it’s raining. We made it from the B&B a quarter mile to the Lake Mills trail shelter before it really started in. We debated — we could ride in the rain. A quick check of the radar showed some “yellows” heading toward “oranges” coming our way. We wimped out and hung out in the shelter watching the triathlon runners and bikers go by — they’re tougher than we are today.

James started talking about his strange ideas and future plans, so we decided that the rain didn’t look so bad. The ride must have freed some long-ago imbibed substance stored in James’ body. Actually, we’re thinking how great a travel study for students would be for this trip — take students across the state and all the geography, history, and culture they could learn along the way: A people’s history of Wisconsin: The culture, the people, and their ice cream.

After the rain let up, we hit the trail and learns what happens to this hard-packed pea gravel. It turns into a nice grey slurry with an uncanny ability to stick to your tires and be slung all over your legs, shoes, and delicate derailleurs (check out the photos). We also discovered that water bottles make for nice squirt bottles for cleaning all this stuff off. This sounds like I’m complaining, but it didn’t slow us down much even on our skinning 23mm tires.

We stayed at a friend’s apartment in downtown Madison at the end of our short, “rest” day.

By the way, breakfast at the B&B in Lake Mills was amazing. My preconceived notion that this trip was going to be tough it eroding quickly.

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