Distance: 62.2 miles (MapMyRide app)

After a great cup of coffee at John and Linda’s, we hit the trail and headed for Lake Shore State Park on the east side of the Summerfest grounds. The plan was to meet James (who had stayed at his sister’s place) at the far eastern edge of the park at 7 am, touch the lake, and get rolling. He showed up within minutes of our arrival, we took the obligatory selfie, touched the pristine waters of Lake Michigan, and got on our bikes.

For anyone that hasn’t bike in Milwaukee, the trails leading west from the Lake are a pleasant surprise. First off, we did have to traverse a half mile or so of city streets, and Milwaukee drivers seem to be very accommodating. The rest of the ride through the Menomonee Valley on the Hank Aaron Trail was great — at times you couldn’t believe you were in the middle of a major city.

Rest of the day: breakfast at Dave’s in Waukesha, zipped down the Glacial Drumlin Trail, and arrived at the Sweet Autumn Inn in Lake Mills at around 3:30 pm.

We stored the bikes, grabbed showers, and headed into town to find our “recovery drink.” We didn’t have walk long. We found Timber Creek Pizza Company on the town “triangle” where they serve the locally-famous Mullen’s Ice Cream from Watertown. We all bought and scarfed down tall shakes and malts. And Lori bought a taco.

Lori had friends in town who just happened to have ripe raspberries in their backyard, so we walked to their place and chatted in the backyard while picking their canes clean. Aren’t friends great.

Now for dinner. Every time we’ve driven through Lake Mills, we’ve seen a ton of people at the local Mexican restaurant. Tonight was no different. We sat down, ordered a round of waters, and proceeded to fill up on chips and salsa. Lori gets credit for noticing that margaritas were half off on Thursdays, so we decided that a second “recovery” drink was in order. Went well with the fajitas and burritos.


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