On Thursday, March 24th, several faculty from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater began walking from Whitewater to the Capitol in Madison to deliver a letter approved by the faculty senate raising multiple concerns about Governor Walker’s so-called Budget Repair Bill and proposed biennial budget.

Background Info

Photos and video

  • Photos are available here and here. All photos by Lori Compas. Please e-mail her at Lori.Compas@gmail.com if you’d like high-res versions.
  • Videos of delivery of letter and talks at the capitol
    • video 1, Nikki Mandel’s and Eric Compas’s talk (thanks to Simone DeVore)
    • video 2, James Hartwick’s talk (thanks to Simone DeVore)
    • Video 3 (thanks to Brett Hulsey).

Media coverage

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